Nancy Potts

Nancy Potts has left the company to take on full time work.  Nancy performed with our Canals of Old England show and brought a commanding presence to the stage. 

Nancy has played fiddle and sung all her life, and started morris dancing at the age of eight. Her canal credentials are impeccable – she first learned to walk on a narrowboat. She has spent most of her school holidays at folk festivals and became the youngest tutor ever for Shooting Roots, the youth folk arts organisation. Despite her lack of years, Nancy has recorded at Pinewood studios; played, sung and danced (not at the same time!) at the Royal Albert Hall; sung at the Royal Festival Hall and Royal Opera House; and toured the UK, USA and Canada as musician for Morris Offspring. 

Her Canals of Old England debut was at Stony Live festival on June 10th, 2017 and her final show was at St Neots Folk Club on 23 October 2018. 

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