Fiddle Player Required

I (Phil Underwood) am a musician/actor looking for a female fiddle player for my new show Canals Of Old England – here is some information for applicants:

The show is a two person show (myself and one other) of about 1-1 1/2 hours, depending on venue. The show tells the story of the 19th Century English canals  – consisting of canal stories, songs – some traditional and some original by myself, poetry by me,  historical texts.

I am pursuing individual gigs and tours, rural touring, theatres, libraries, hospitals,  festivals, canal museums etc.  I currently have a couple of possibilities but it’s early days and I need to get the lineup so I can publicise properly.

This is a continuous project for me – but you are welcome to apply if you only want to do say a tour. In which case I may set up a pool of  musicians I can call on.  Obviously good availability and willingness to be flexible is best.  And you would need to rehearse.

Pay will be based on MU/Equity rates,  if you are willing to do occasional lower paid gigs and door splits then that would certainly help. But overall it’s a professional production.

There is a strong educational element and I plan eventually to be offering workshops on canal life and history as part of a package. If you can lead workshops that would be great – but not essential.

Rehearsal effort – I estimate about 6 rehearsals – maybe fewer. I don’t have external funding at present so if you need payment for rehearsals we’d work something out – but I am going for Arts Council Funding.  Meanwhile we can find creative ways to make it work.

I am looking for:

  • Female
  • Competent musician
  • Play by ear essential – reading not essential but an asset (mainly for rehearsal)
  • No age restriction
  • Folk/Traditional style preferred but not essential
  • The part will be in 19th C canal costume (bonnet and dress provided)
  • Acting ability not essential but really good stage presence and energy are.
  • Good singing voice, ability to harmonise would be an asset
  • Good speaking voice
  • If you can step or clog dance that would be fantastic but not essential
  • I’m based in London/Milton Keynes

See Here for a couple of the songs


  • Email:    info <<at>> or use the Contact form
  • Mobile:  07546 974009

Canal Songs, Poems and Stories